SingleFeed Overview

We make comparison shopping engines easy

SingleFeed has been assisting online merchants to increase website traffic, conversions and revenue since 2006--and has been a leading source of information for the comparison shopping engine industry. At that time, comparison shopping engines were just starting to take off and online retailers were clamoring for a service that would help to resolve two major pain points:

  1. Managing feed across multiple shopping engines is arduous, time-consuming work because each engine requires a different set of attributes and rules.
  2. Optimizing feeds for better placement on shopping engine search results pages was difficult because CSE algorithms were a bit of a mystery.

SingleFeed was created to address these pain points. Simply put, we wanted to build a tool that simplifies the complexities of comparison shopping engines (CSEs) so that online retailers could easily and cost-effectively sell more. We wanted to make it possible for retailers to submit a single feed to us and allow our technology to take care of the rest.

How it Works

SingleFeed’s proprietary technology handles feed import and delivery, makes automated corrections via hundreds of feed rules, validates links and other data attributes, suggests optimization opportunities, and also properly categorizes all products for each of the shopping engines supported.

SingleFeed automatically delivers optimized data feeds to the highest quality shopping engines like Become, Google Shopping, Pricegrabber, and NexTag. Working only with the top shopping engines we ensure online retailers are getting the most qualified traffic.

SingleFeed helps online retailers succeed across multiple shopping engines as well as other data feed powered marketing channels and affiliate programs, and offers a top-quality and affordable mobile website solution via our partner mShopper. SingleFeed helps small, medium and large-sized businesses cost effectively list, manage, and optimize all their data feeds.

Company History

SingleFeed was backed by an accomplished and knowledgeable team of investors including: True Ventures, KPG Ventures, and Netservice Ventures. In 2011, SingleFeed was acquired by Vendio Services, a multi-channel e-commerce software solution, and is part of the Alibaba family of companies. SingleFeed strengthens Vendio's core mission of enabling online retailers to sell to anyone, easily, by simplifying and enhancing their access to tens of millions of additional online shoppers.