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Significant cost savings found upon switching from another feed management provider


Outdoor Pros

"With up to 20% of our monthly traffic coming from the shopping engines, SingleFeed's flat price saved us a lot compared to the revenue sharing models offered by other solutions."


Gordian Project's mission is to be a global online sales organization with a highly motivated team determined to exceed customer expectations while building a high-quality brand, supported by technology that assures exceptional growth and profits. Located in sunny Southern California, the Gordian Project runs two ecommerce websites, and is a pure-play online retailer offering thousands of home improvement, plumbing and building products in a diverse array of categories. These continuously expending categories are filled with tools, lighting, faucets and tens of thousands of other home improvement products. Since its launch in 2004, has provided an easy, secure and customer centric online destination. Home improvement aficionados and businesses have come to rely on for a vast product offering, high percentage of in-stock items, and competitive pricing. was an Internet Retailer Hot 100 website in 2008 and many of their team members have spoken at leading industry conferences over the last few years. Launched in 2008, is also a pure-play online retailer offering a tremendous assortment of outdoor products, supplies, equipment, and gear for adventure enthusiasts, including camping, apparel, cutlery and more.

The Dilemma

Prior to implementing SingleFeed, the Gordian Project was using another leading channel management company for all of its shopping engine feeds. "In the very beginning we were making data feeds by hand. With a rapidly growing number of products and plans to expand to new shopping engines, this was a tremendous task to keep on top of. We knew we had to find someone to help," says Zachary Applegate, Search Engine Management Manager for the Gordian Project. "We didn't have many concerns about using SingleFeed since we were already using another outsourced solution. SingleFeed's, smart, flat rate, self-service pricing model was exactly what we were looking for," Zach states. In a nutshell, the Gordian Project needed to reduce the exorbitant costs of their channel management solution but they did not have the time to manage multiple product feeds on their own.

The Goal

To find an affordable solution that would deliver and promote and's products on the comparison shopping engines.

The Results

SingleFeed was able to save the Gordian Project several hours per week and it cost a fraction of what their previous feed management vendor was charging. When asked about the most important factor in their evaluation, Managing Partner Brian Chelette said price was the biggest determinant. "As we continued to lits our products on more shopping engines, we realized the ever increasing need for feed, product and performance management and optimization. We needed something that could free up an employee's time, and SingleFeed was the right solution to do that and to lower our development costs," Brian declares. "With up to 20% of our monthly traffic coming from the shopping engines, SingleFeed's flat price saved us a lot compared to the revenue sharing models offered by other solutions," Zach also highlights.

Since using SingleFeed, and have been able to add additional shopping engines in a "smart, scaled way" while increasing their online presence altogether. "It allowed us to grow our revenue and list on the CSE's that we weren't using before," says Chad Johnson, Marketing Team Leader at The Gordian Project.