Ingram's Water and Air

Site traffic increases 20%, creating an additional $39,000 in incremental monthly revenue

Ingram's Water and Air

"SingleFeed was responsive, professional, and knew what they were doing. They provided expertise right off the bat."


Ingram's Water and Air, a premier online retailer of home heating and cooling products, has been in business since 1994. They have built a reputation on providing superb customer service, competitive pricing and free consultations for the home owner or project enthusiast. Ingram's launched their online retail store five years ago with the goal of increasing their exposure while maintaining the core values of their traditional business.

The Dilemma

Ingram's was searching for ways to improve their online marketing efforts and knew that the comparison shopping engines could be a great source of qualified leads. They also knew that each shopping engine had different data feed requirements, account centers, and bid programs. Ingram's didn't know where to start and since this was their first foray into the comparison shopping space, they wanted to ensure that they didn't waste any time or money implementing any new campaigns.

A major challenge for Ingram's was getting their ecommerce platform to export accurate product information, in the appropriate format, for each individual shopping engine. Not only that, but they didn't have the internal resources necessary to optimize their data feeds. They knew they needed help.

When considering whether to outsource their feed management initiative, Ingram's wanted to ensure that they would be working with experts in the comparison shopping space who would be responsive, professional, and full of sound advice. They spoke with several potential providers who seemed inexperienced and whose advice was questionable. They wanted someone they could trust.

The Solution

When Ingram's decided to outsource their feed management, they scoured the internet for information. SingleFeed appeared to be the leader in the comparison shopping space and focused solely on feed management and DFO (Data Feed Optimization), prompting Ingram's to give them a call. Jason Ingram, President of Ingram's Water and Air, noted that SingleFeed was responsive, professional, and knew what they were doing. They provided expertise right off the bat. Ingram's decided to leverage SingleFeed's Platinum service and chose SingleFeed as their comparison shopping partner because they offered first-rate optimization expertise, an easy to use online tool, and an extremely competitive price.

The Results

After only a few months, Ingram's realized a 20% increase in monthly visitors, resulting in $39,000 in incremental monthly revenue. On Google Product Search, now one of their most productive channels, Ingram's benefited from a ranking increase on many of their top keywords and numerous products were appearing in the coveted Google OneBox. Ingram's also reports receiving 15 to 20 more inbound sales calls - per day - than they were before using SingleFeed and the comparison shopping engines. Ingram's Water and Air recognized that it would have taken much more time, money and effort to learn data feed optimization on their own. Instead, they leveraged SingleFeed's expertise to reach a broader audience, drive more revenue and grow their business efficiently.