Some feedback from our customers

Below are some testimonials from merchants who benefit from SingleFeed's services
"We got pretty fast results. I had 131 extra orders in the first month and a half. I could quickly see the work I was doing paying off" - Rob Snell, Owner, Gun Dog Supply
"Since we've begun using singlefeed our annual revenue has nearly doubled. Now we're receiving 20-30% of our monthly traffic and revenue from the shopping engines."- Vintage Tub & Bath
"We more than doubled the number of shopping engines we were on, grew the CSEs to account for upwards of 20% of our monthly traffic, and save several hours a week by outsourcing feed; the ROI is tremendous."-
"SingleFeed's smart, flat rate, self-service pricing model was exactly what we were looking for."-
TMA E-Marketing "Formatting datafeeds for the various engines is no easy task. Singlefeed does hard work in determining what engines require which fields, formats, etc, so that you can focus more of your efforts on how your products are performing." - TMA E-Marketing
1 Love 1 Dream "In 3 months after joining Singlefeed, traffic to increased by 2000%. Our products can be found in all major search engines and are usually placed within the first 3 pages of the search results. I consider Singlefeed an excellent investment to get business started and to strategically place us on the world wide web map." - 1Love1Dream SingleFeed's solution has been extremely helpful to our organization by saving us a significant amount over other similar tools. The ability to submit products on a consistent basis in an automated fashion has saved me several hours a week. Using SingleFeed allows me to focus on the more important aspects of managing CSEs instead of handling all the basic administration myself. The friendly and knowledgeable team at SingleFeed has helped solve the troubles I had coming from using self built processes and has really given me the capability of providing much more detailed product information. The low fees combined with the increased revenue have been extremely beneficial to our organization and we look forward to continued improvements of the product. - PlumberSurplus
San Diego Media "I am very impressed with SingleFeed's product and service offering. What would take hundreds of hours to master and learn, SingleFeed offers at a very affordable price. The technology is very reliable and dependable. Within a week of setting up a SingleFeed account, my clients' products are live on over 10 engines. The account management team at SingleFeed has been instrumental to our clients' success. Their entensive knowledge of the shopping engines gives us a huge advantage over our competitors. I would recommend SingleFeed's services to anyone running an eCommerce site." - San Diego Media