Tyler Tool

10-20 hours per week freed up to focus on email marketing and pay-per-click campaigns

Tyler Tool

"We now have an extra 10-20 hours per week to focus on other marketing channels. The ROI that we are seeing on the shopping engines has now surpassed our pay-per-click search program."

The Dilemma

The exorbitant time spent on manipulating data to create custom feeds for each engine was detracting from comparison shopping results as well as email marketing and pay-per-click campaigns

The Goal

To find a feed management solution that was cost effective, yet acted as a true partner in the success of Tyler Tool's listings on the comparison shopping engines.

The Story

Tyler Tool is a national distributor of name brand power tools. Established in 1963, Tyler Tool began selling power tools online in late 1999. What began as a test with a new search engine named Google resulted in explosive growth. Tyler Tool quickly brought the charm of a local hardware store to the Web by satisfying its online customers with customer service, excellent prices, huge selections and fast shipping. After more than a decade, TylerTool.com is still reaching its online audience through shopping engines, blogs, email campaigns and natural search engine results.

Tyler Tool used comparison shopping engines extensively on its own before finding SingleFeed. As one of the first Yahoo! Store merchants, Tyler Tool relied heavily on traffic from Yahoo! Shopping. As competitors to Yahoo Shopping arose, Tyler Tool began to amplify its efforts with additional engines such as Froogle (now known as Google Product Search).

Before SingleFeed, Tyler Tool owner Tom Ray was manually creating Excel spreadsheets and massaging the data for each individual shopping engine. After creating each feed by hand, Tom had the chore of manually uploading the separate files to each engine. This required many hours of work each week to keep the data feeds fresh. "If we didn't upload new feeds, we had old feeds with old prices," explains Tom. "I found that there were data feed management solutions to assist with this problem, but they were VERY expensive and these companies wanted to bundle in unnecessary services instead of just solving the problem I had. "My concern was that a 3rd party solution could never care about my feed as much as I do! I was afraid that I would have to constantly follow up and make sure that the prices and products were listed correctly. If I was going to do that, then I might as well be doing it myself - especially for the cost they wanted." Intrigued by its straightforward pricing and expertise with the comparison engines,

The Results

Tom decided to launch with SingleFeed in 2008. Since then, Tyler Tool has been able to double the number of shopping engines they use while spending significantly less than they would have with other data management providers. SingleFeed has not only improved Tyler Tool's engine-driven revenue, but it has allowed Tom's team to free up valuable resources to focus on their email marketing strategy. "The time savings with SingleFeed have been huge. We now have an extra 10-20 hours per week to focus on other marketing channels. The ROI that we are seeing on the shopping engines has now surpassed our pay-per-click search program," claims Ray. "SingleFeed's expertise has been excellent. I finally found a company that cares about my data feeds as much as I do," says Tom enthusiastically.