Amazon Product Ads

Amazon's Product Ads offering aims to bring merchants qualified buyers by providing reviews and product information on for consumers to read before deciding whether or not to click.

Upload catalog and set budget

A Product Ad is created for each product that you upload to the catalog. Once you have registered, you can upload your items directly through Amazon's online account management interface - Seller Central. Your ads will then appear on

Customers see your ads on

Your Ads will be viewed by active customers 24/7 via Amazon product pages, as well as being displayed in relevant product search and browse results and contextually targeted placements.

Amazon Product Ads

Cost-per-click pricing model

Using Seller Central, you can easily view your invoices and track your advertising budget. There are no fees for impressions - you are only charged when customers choose to click on your ad and are directed to your web site. You control not only the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click, but also your daily and monthly budget. Most importantly, you can measure your return on investment and optimize your budget accordingly. Invoices are published as you accumulate clicks and payment is collected via credit card.

Customers make purchases on your Web site

You control the buying experience because customers are clicking through to your Web site. Customers benefit from the seamless discovery of your products on and your e-commerce expertise. Your Product Ads by Amazon will deliver you engaged customers giving you the opportunity to acquire repeat orders and increased sales for your business.