Search & shopping in one easy to use site

Frustrated with researching products on the web? Tired of time-wasting spam results from general search engines? Exhausted from scouring the web for the best products and prices? Well, so are we! That is why we created the only fully integrated Web-wide product search and comparison shopping site on the Internet.

Relevant research results save you time

We designed our search engine with your shopping needs in mind. We have reduced the spam and irrelevant results that general search engines produce. We know that users are focused on researching and/or buying products so we eliminate results that do not fit the bill. We crawl over 3.2 billion web pages to bring you current buying guides, expert reviews, consumer reviews, articles, specifications, forums, merchants, and a variety of other useful information to help you make better buying decisions.

Zoom in on what you want

We can fine tune your search results even further by giving you the specific types of information you want. Only want to read buying guides? Prefer to focus on technical specifications? Love reading discussions between real customers? Then click on our new Search Zoom feature, and we will prioritize your results that way. No other site can zoom in on your search requirements the way can. You will find this feature at the top of your search results page. Choose the button that delivers the results you want: all results; product reviews; buying guides; discussion forums; product details.

What's in the AIR'?

What is the secret sauce behind our advanced search engine results? It is our next-generation search technology called AIR: Affinity Index Ranking. AIR filters out the thousands of irrelevant results that other sites produce to deliver only pertinent product information. For more about AIR, click here.

Get breaking news

In addition to our search results,'s News Search technology scours hundreds of top US news sources to identify news relevant to what you are searching for. News sources are scanned every 10 minutes to provide you with information such as new product announcements, price reductions, and product recalls. Links to these relevant news articles are automatically displayed at the top of your results page.

Our comparison shopping service saves you money

Click on our Shop button and a world of quality shopping is at your fingertips. With over 20 million products from over 5000 retailers, you can find just about anything you want--and at the best price, too.

No surprises price feature

Our comparison shopping feature does even more than show you all the stores that sell the item you want. We give you the total price-- including shipping and taxes-- so there are no unhappy surprises when you click to a merchant. All we need is your zip code to tell you the total cost.

Local shopping feature helps you save gas

We also recognize that sometimes you want to see and/or buy a product in person. So, we have introduced our easy to use Nearby Stores feature. Find the item you want on our site, plug in your zip code and we will give you the store names, addresses, phone numbers, hours and even Yahoo! Maps to the locations closest to you. At, you are in the driver's seat.

Shopping Mall on a page

Another way we make shopping easy is by providing shopping results two ways: in the standard List View, or in our new Grid View. List View shows you fewer products, but provides more information on each, while Grid View shows you more products. It's like a shopping mall without the parking hassle! You simply mouse over any product image and instantly product details and shopping links appear without you having to click off the page. And because we offer so many products, we also let you refine your choices by price, manufacturer, model and other product specifications.

Pick and save your favorites

Not sure what you want to buy? Want to keep track of items you are considering for your next visit? Our Favorites feature lets you easily mark products so you can pick up where you left off. Just click the Add to Favorites link next to any product, and it will show up at the top of your Become screen. It is great for shopping for several related things at once or for keeping track of competing products until you decide on the one you like best.

Dynamic suggestion feature saves your fingers!

When you visit our home page and start typing into our What are you shopping for? box, you will notice suggestions appearing instantly. You can then click on the term you had in mind before you have even finished typing! Dynamic suggestions help you get to the information you want faster so you can spend your valuable time reviewing or buying products rather than on perfecting your typing and spelling skills. In fact, if you do misspell your query, we will provide alternative spelling suggestions in red at the top of your results page.