buySAFE lets online shoppers know who they can trust

A buySAFE Seal on a merchant's Website or marketplace item listing indicates that the merchant has:

  • * Passed the rigorous buySAFE Certification
    * Process to ensure trust and reliability
    * Agreed to allow buySAFE to continuously monitor their performance in every transaction
    * Qualified to guarantee their transactions with a bond from buySAFE and its surety partners - Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and ACE USA.

Consumers who wish to make a purchase from buySAFE Merchants may visit buySAFE Shopping at, or may search for buySAFE Bonded Items on eBay, Auctions,, or select retail Websites. At any time, there are millions of Bonded Items for sale online.

The qualification process

To determine whether someone is a safe player or a risky player, surety companies conduct a careful and rigorous qualification review of any individual or company that wants to be bonded. Experience, reputation, financial stability, verifiable identity, and a successful track record for meeting obligations are all considered during the review process.

If a bonded party causes a loss, it is his or her responsibility to correct the problem, just as it was before the bonding. The surety company is basically a "co-signer" that becomes responsible if the bonded party defaults. For this reason, only the most professional, trustworthy people are qualified as "bondable."

A proven solution

Surety bonding still works in the same way as it did almost 50 centuries ago. A surety company, like the spice merchant in the original bonding transaction, lends its expertise, credibility, insights, and financial assets to a business transaction so that both parties get what they desire. The seller, like the young farmer, gets a customer he or she might not otherwise have, and the buyer, like the king, gets the desired product or service with freedom from worry.