SingleFeed is a Google Shopping Partner

Only four companies have been named official partners of Google Shopping

In 2007, SingleFeed was named as an accredited Google Shopping Partner, signifying its expertise in delivering high-quality, well-optimized feeds to Google Merchant Center (known as Google Shopping or Google Base, formerly "Froogle"). As Google mentions on their website, Google Shopping partners submit "expert feeds with all required attributes, allowing products to be better matched to relevant search queries." They also "upload product catalogs daily" and they "have a dedicated technical team to support your business needs.

As mentioned in the press release clip shown below (the full article can be found at, SingleFeed CEO Brian Smith said, "The SingleFeed team has been hard at work helping merchants submit the best feeds possible to Google Shopping as well as the other leading shopping engines. At SingleFeed, we don't just want to submit basic Google Shopping feeds, we strive to work with our merchants to optimize their product titles and descriptions as well as other important product attributes. We will continue to work with Google to ensure that we're not just meeting the expectations of Google Shopping, but constantly testing out new optimization strategies to help all merchants perform better on Product Search." To date, only four service providers have been named as Google Product Search Partners. A complete list can be found here

Google Shopping Partner

Google Shopping is somewhat different from other comparison engines in the way that product listings are categorized and in the level of detail that can be provided via 47 Google-specific product fields (as well as an additional custom field). Google Shopping usually represents a significant percentage of a retailer's engine-driven revenue, so it is especially important for a merchant to select a knowledgeable partner with Google-specific expertise.