is a leading online comparison shopping service. Our goal is to help consumers make smarter buying decisions by enabling them to research and compare products, as well as to compare prices on millions of products available at thousands of reputable online stores. We gather product and merchant data from across the Internet, organize and structure it into a comprehensive catalog which we publish on

There are a few reasons why we believe that offers the best consumer experience among comparison shopping engines.

  • We list the best deal first.
  • When we compare stores selling the same product, we always list the Smarter Choice first. This is the lowest price available at a Smarter certified store. Certification is available only to stores that have been on more than 3 months and have maintained an average rating of 4 out of 5 or more from our shoppers.

  • Then we list the next best deal next, and so on.
  • We list stores according to an algorithm that include the product price, merchant reviews, merchant reputation and a host of other factors. Most comparison shopping engines simply list whoever pays the most at the top.

  • We take bad guys offline.
  • Some comparison shopping engines may have more stores listed, but we take stores offline that continuously receive negative feedback. There are many stores listed on other comparison shopping engines that we no longer allow to be listed on, and we actively police our store listings to make sure these merchants don't develop and list a "new" website to get around our policies.

  • We make good deals better.
  • Where available, we also list the latest promotions, discounts and coupons so consumers can save even more money on their next online purchase.

  • We give you the tools you need whenever and wherever you need them.
  • If you are in a store, and want to compare prices, just SMS us a product name or identification number to (610) SMARTER, and we'll show you the lowest price available on If you want us to provide you with price comparison information as you browse retailer sites online, just download our free Smarter Companion software.