SingleFeed Service Plans

Easy sign-up Starter Plans for smaller merchants with less than 50K SKUs. Other merchants, please contact us for a demo.

Starter Plans

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Google Shopping PRO

$99/mo.     No Contract. No Setup Fee.     Up to 10K SKUs.

This starter plan is designed to get small merchants up-and-selling on Google Shopping. We’ll show you how to set up your Product Listing Ads and provide you guidance on how to manage your Google Merchant Center, AdWords and bidding strategy.

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Shopping Engine Growth

$199/mo.     No Contract. No Setup Fee.     Up to 50K SKUs.

This starter plan gives you access to all our CSE channels, including Google Shopping. Your data is optimized specifically for each engine. You’ll quickly build a powerful mix of search marketing channels.

Product Listings in CSE Channels such as:

CSE partners for Starter Packages

More CSE Channels


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CSE Plus & Enterprise Plans

Affordable Fixed Monthly Fee. No Contract. No Setup Fee.

With our help all the way, we'll make sure that your product listings are working hard for you. A SingleFeed expert will help you create a plan and strategy that is right for your business.

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CSE + Mobile Website

Affordable Fixed Monthly Fee + 5% Commission on Mobile Sales

This plan will power both your CSE traffic and give your smartphone customers a unique mobile website that converts. More Details.

Customized plans are priced based on any of the following variables:

  • eCommerce traffic
  • SKU count
  • discounts for multiple sites
  • discounts for annual subscriptions