Frequently asked questions and answers

A collection of some of the questions most frequently asked of SingleFeed

Is there a limit to the number of products I can list? SingleFeed Starter Plans have a maximum SKU limit of 5,000. If you have more than 5,000 SKUs, please contact us to discuss options under our Custom and Enterprise Plans.

Do you create my product feed for me? The initial feed from your ecommerce platform is created by you, although custom export extensions have been built for solutions like Yahoo, Magento, Miva, osCommerce, X-Cart and Volusion.

How long does it take to get started? It takes our customers 2-3 weeks on average to get completely up and running. This covers the time it takes to get a data feed from you, our categorization process, welcome call, first feed submission, and verification your products went live.

Can you guarantee top position on Google? While we certainly can improve your position through feed optimization, no company can guarantee that your products will be atop the listings on any particular engine. Many of our customers do obtain top results after working with us to improve the quality of their feed.

Does SingleFeed require a contract? SingleFeed Starter Plans do not require a contract. Custom and Enterprise Plans typically come with a contract. Please contact us for details.

How does your plan pricing work? SingleFeed offers several pricing options. Our Starter plans come with a set monthly fee and initial setup fee, charged on your credit card. Annual billing is also an option and provides a discount. Customized plans are built to meet our customers’ specific needs and are priced based on any of the following variables:

  • existing CSE revenue
  • eCommerce traffic
  • SKU count
  • custom requirements
  • discounts for multiple sites
  • term of contract
  • fixed rate or performance based pricing

You can sign up for a Starter plan directly on our website if you are within the plan limits, otherwise please contact us to discuss a custom plan for your business.

What if I have multiple websites? SingleFeed requires one account per website/domain. You will need to use a unique email per account when you sign up. If you have more than two websites please contact us to learn more about multi-store discounts.

Do you have a free trial I use sign up for? At this time SingleFeed does not have a free trial for interested customers. Since we put a significant amount of work into getting you up and running we are unable to offer such a promotion. Discuss your needs.

How does your service compare to others? SingleFeed is a Google Shopping Partner which means we deliver higher quality feeds and we are trusted by Google and hundreds of merchants to deliver data feeds. Our data feed platform does not merely map your data fields to the format specifications of each engine, but applies hundreds of rules-based manipulations to correct and optimize your data. Our marketing tools enable you to create filters and algorithms that optimize your strategy for each shopping engine; and our reporting will enable you to fully understand the success of your various campaigns and channels. Learn more about the other several benefits of SingleFeed.

Do I need accounts with the CSEs before I sign up? No. You do not have to have any CSE accounts prior to using SingleFeed. During the setup of your account you can register and activate new CSE accounts. SingleFeed does not sign you up for these accounts.

Do you pay for our shopping engine click fees? No. Your monthly fee to SingleFeed covers the services which we provide to you. You must pay for any clicks or sales that are charged by some comparison engines.

Is there any software or hardware to install? No. Our solution is web-based, meaning it is accessible from any computer, anywhere without any installation necessary. Our analytics features do rely on a light tracking code that can be implemented on your website in minutes.

Do you submit to international comparison engines? Currently, we only focus on the most popular shopping engines in the United States and Shopzilla’s in Canada.

Do you work with drop shippers or affiliate sites? SingleFeed does not necessarily have a preference when it comes to drop shipping or affiliate networks. However, comparison shopping engines do not allow feeds from these types of sites, which means that SingleFeed cannot work with them either. Further investigation can be found on Google's Merchant Program Policies.

Do you submit to eBay? SingleFeed’s Marketplace Data Service (MDS) can help merchants with very large product catalogs to sell their products on eBay. Please contact us for details on MDS. eBay is not supported within standard SingleFeed plans.

Do you submit to Amazon? SingleFeed works with Amazon Product Ads. Selling on Amazon will be added soon.

How can I learn more about comparison shopping and best practices for optimization? Please read through our resources section and our blogs.

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