Shopping Engine 101

Learn everything there is to know about the shopping engines

The first step to succeeding on the comparison engines is to gain a full understanding of how they work. Armed with the knowledge of their marketing power, differentiators, sign-up process and pricing models, you can ensure that your products are easily found online.

Shopping engine history and nomenclature - An overview of the origins of the industry, the people who created the first shopping engines and what to call these types of sites

Market to millions - The top 20 engines amass almost 200,000,000 visitors per month. Given their size and reach, these shopping engines could prove to be your most cost-effective and highest-producing marketing channels.

Be found on Google - Your Google AdWords dollars can be supplemented or replaced by your comparison engine program. The shopping engines are already buying keywords and ranking well on Google. If you can't beat them, join them.

The leading shopping engines - SingleFeed partners with the largest shopping engines in the United States. Learn more about each engine and what differentiates it from the others.

Shopping engine sign-up - Which engines are the right fit for your business? How should that determination be made? When does it make sense to test out more engines?

Success stories - One way to succeed in marketing is to follow the lead of other merchants who have done well with their programs. Learn more about some SingleFeed customers and how they have succeeded on the shopping engines.