Millions of people are looking for your products

Your advertising dollars can't compete with those of the shopping engines, so join forces

SpacercomScore Media Metrix - April 2009 traffic:
  • Yahoo! Shopping = 22,875,000
  • Shopzilla = 20,061,000
  • BizRate = 14,406,000
  • = 13,730,000
  • Google Product Search = 10,914,000
  • = 8,376,000
  • NexTag = 7,518,000
  • PriceGrabber = 4,042,000
  • = 3,799,000
SpacerTop 20 engines = 192,875,000 page views

The shopping engines have tens of millions of visitors every month who are looking for your products. Don't just take our word for it. Check out the stats to the right from comScore's April 2009 traffic report. One thing is clear, the shopping engines have a lot of users looking for your products.

The type of search those visitors are performing is much more focused and prone to convert than a query in a traditional search engine. Shopping engine users are looking for the answers to poignant and time-sensitive question: Where can I buy this product? Is this a good choice? Is the merchant reputable? How much should I pay for this item?

It is ironic that most retailers have a pay-per-click advertising budget that dwarfs their shopping engine budget. When we consider the propensity of comparison shoppers to make a purchase and the sheer volume of qualified buyers on the shopping engines, it is clear that a dollar invested on a shopping engine can yield more return than one spent on other types of advertising.