Why SingleFeed - SingleFeed, Shopping Engines made easy

Why SingleFeed?

There is more than one way to approach the comparison engines. Why work with us?

There are many reasons to select SingleFeed as your partner for success on the shopping engines. Here are six primary points to consider:

Save Time and Resources - Are you capable of creating your own optimized data feeds for the shopping engines? Sure, but submitting to multiple shopping engines can be difficult because each shopping one has a different data feed specification. You can't just take a Google Product Search data feed and submit it to PriceGrabber. So, you'd have to study each engine's formatting rules, create and maintain a separate tailored feed for each site, download each of their disparate categorization taxonomies, create engine-specific categories for each product, customize field names and selections and keep up with all of the periodic changes that each engine makes. You're trying to build a business...don't you have more important things to do?

Improved Feed Quality - If we were to enlarge the screen shot of the feed below, would you notice the error in Line #11? How about the formatting mistake that will cause your top selling item to be unlisted with four of your favorite comparison engines? Do you know all 47 Google-specific attributes? The number of examples of what not to do on the shopping engines is staggering. Even some of the largest and most reputable brands are miscategorizing products, missing crucial fields and sending unformatted feeds out every day. You might not have the budget to lead your industry in PPC, email marketing or online advertising, but a high-quality product feed can help you rise to a desireable spot on the comparison engines. This small investment can translate into a significant return on ad spend through clicks and conversions.

Feed Optimization

Comprehensive Service Offering - The range of available data feed management solutions is vast, from simple feed delivery services to full-service agencies. As with all types of online marketing services, you get what you pay for. At the lower end of the market are companies that simply deliver your feed to the comparison engines without providing the necessary optimization, categorization or analytics that you need to succeed and improve. At the upper end of the spectrum are agencies that levy a significant percentage of your online revenue in exchange for bells, whistles and services that you won't likely use. SingleFeed provides a comprehensive solution, including feed creation tools, a professional product categorization team, high-quality feed optimization, daily submission, robust analytics, and consultative coaching. Remove any of the six steps from the wheel below, and you'll be left with an incomplete and ineffective solution.

Comprehensive Solution

Simple, Affordable, Predictable Pricing - The low-end solutions mentioned above that simply transmit your feed from your ecommerce platform to the comparison engines can be an inexpensive as $10 per month. The high-end offerings that provide full service management along with unnecessary bells and whistles can cost more than $5,000 per month along with revenue share fees. SingleFeed offers three solution plans that have predictable, affordable prices and no revenue-sharing components. Each plan includes all six of the steps shown in the image above. All-inclusive pricing helps our customers budget their marketing expenses while earning enviable returns on their investment.

Strategic Guidance from Knowledgeable Experts - The SingleFeed team is made up of ecommerce experts who worked for comparison engines, Internet Retailer Top 500 merchants, or online marketing service providers, and the company is led by Brian Smith (author of ComparisonEngines.com), one of the industry's leading gurus on comparison shopping. Having a knowledgeable team to rely upon means that the technology and services that you are able to leverage will be in tune with your needs as a growing merchant. It also means that you can draw upon SingleFeed's expertise when it comes to the strategy and tactics of your comparison shopping program. Partnering with a subject matter expert doesn't have to cost a fortune.

A True Liaison and Partner - Have you ever received a note from a comparison shopping engine explaining that some of your products can't be listed? Whose job is it to troubleshoot such an instance? Would you know who to contact? What type of response would you expect? SingleFeed intentionally partners with the United States' most popular comparison engines and it maintains a deep relationship with each of its partners. It is our job to ensure that your products are listed properly and we handle any necessary remediation on your behalf.