Comprehensive Analytics

Valuable insight to drive decisions and improve results

SpacerAnalyze results by various metrics
  • Clicks generated by each (or all) engine(s)
  • Orders generated by each (or all) engine(s)
  • Revenue generated by each (or all) engine(s)
  • Conversion rates for each (or all) engine(s)
  • Average order value
  • Costs (from engines that provide cost data)
  • Engine-by-engine comparisons
  • Product-by-product comparisons
  • Custom date ranges

Although the optimization and categorization of a product feed are certainly important, a lot of optimization can occur after a feed is posted on the comparison engines. An A/B test can be done to see which version of a product title earns the most clicks. A bidding strategy on a particular engine can be tried to determine the best ad placement. A cashback percentage can be offered on Bing.

All of these types of tactics require a robust and accurate analytics engine to illustrate test results and to highlight the opportunities and weaknesses easily while offering powerful drill-downs. If you have products that are generating a lot of clicks on the cost-per-click engines but not a lot of conversions, wouldn't you want to know right away? With SingleFeed's reporting engine, this type of analysis is simple.


How it works

SingleFeed's reporting system uses a combination of a redirect from the referring engine (in most cases), a cookie, and a tracking code which is placed by merchants on their product pages and confirmation pages. The implementation instructions for the tracking code can be found here.

Analytics platform integration

Additionally, SingleFeed's platform integrates with analytics solutions like Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, Fireclick and WebTrends. Any non-technical user can simply copy and paste tracking code into SingleFeed's account center. An explanation is provided here.