Integration with your analytics solution

SingleFeed works seamlessly with any web analytics solution

Google Analytics





The SingleFeed solution includes its own powerful reporting engine to allow merchants to drill down on the clicks, orders, revenue, conversions, costs and return on ad spend that results from their comparison shopping channel. Click-throughs are automatically tracked via a SingleFeed redirect and revenue-related metrics are tallied by a SingleFeed analytics code (JavaScript or no-script version).

Although comprehensive reporting is provided within the SingleFeed solution, the ability to evaluate one's comparison shopping program against other marketing channels within a single interface is something that would be done in a web analytics platform. Thus, SingleFeed offers a feature that allows merchants to easily append the click-through redirect with the URL-string identifier used by their web analytics solution. Whether you use Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends, Fireclick or any another solution, the process of integrating a web analytics platform with SingleFeed should take less than one minute.