The value of product categorization

Many leading brands have product listings that are difficult or impossible to find

SpacerCategories per engine
  • = 2,957
  • Google Product Search = 2,569
  • PriceGrabber = 1,483
  • Shopzilla = 1,300
  • SortPrice = 1,233
  • Yahoo Shopping = 1,231
  • NexTag = 1,072
  • = 656
  • = 400
  • = 384
  • = 284
  • = 86

Most comparison shoppers don't find what they are looking for on their first attempt. They might start by using a search box and, if their search comes up empty, they will whittle the search results by using the filters provided by the shopping engine. If these would-be customers can't find your products as they filter their results, you are effectively handing revenue to your competitors.

We will categorize your products for you

Each engine has its own categorization taxonomy. An upright vacuum cleaner is listed under "Appliances > Vacuums > Vacuum Cleaners" on PriceGrabber, "Vacuums and Floor Cleaners" on Pronto, "Home and Garden > Home Appliances > Vacuums" on and "Vacuums and Accessories" on Shopzilla. Do you have the time to learn the categorization taxonomy fo reach shopping engine? You have a business to you want to spend your time learning categorization taxonomies?

Additionally, some products don't easily fit into a particular category on some engines, so a subjective determination made by the merchant and the categorization expert needs to be made. Keeping up with multiple taxonomies and categorizing each of your products to fit each one is not only tedius, but a distraction for your more important responsibilities. Many feed management solutions expect you to do this categorization work yourself. Take a look at the bar graph below. Would you want to sift through 13,000 categories on the 12 engines shown to figure out where your products should be placed?


SingleFeed's categorization process

SingleFeed made the investment to assemble a team of library scientists to build a proprietary "mega-taxonomy (see what it looks like)" which identifies the correct category and sub-category for each product in a merchant's feed. Using this mega-taxonomy, SingleFeed's team of categorization specialists review each product to ensure that it is correctly listed on each engine. This categorization service is a normal part of the set-up for all merchants. Additionally, when new products are added to a merchant's feed after their initial set-up, they are automatically sent to a queue for the SingleFeed categorization team to work on. Don't waste your time learning taxonomies and placing products into their proper categories. Trust the SingleFeed team of experts to handle this process on your behalf.