Creating your single feed

Send us just one simply formatted feed, and we'll tailor engine-specific ones for you

SpacerJust Eight Required Fields
  • Unique Internal Code (any number you assign that will differentiate each of your products)
  • Product Name (100 character limit)
  • Product Description (900 character limit)
  • Product Price (no dollar sign needed)
  • Product URL (needs to start with http:// and point to the page for that specific product)
  • Image URL (points to an image of that specific product, uses a shared extension like jpeg, gif ,etc)
  • Manufacturer (if you personally manufacture the product, insert the name of your company)
  • Category (simply insert the category on your website in which the product can be found - our categorization team will do the rest)
  Your ecommerce platform might automatically integrate with SingleFeed. Check our extensions page to see which platforms have this feature.

Creating a feed that is compatible with SingleFeed's specifications is possible with almost any ecommerce platform. Simply look for the product feed exportation area of your platform. Of course, once a feed is created, automated delivery from your ecommerce platform to SingleFeed is preferred. This is offered via FTP or HTTP (although users can upload feeds manually as well).

There are eight required fields that must be included in a product feed: Unique Internal Code, Product Name, Product Description, Product Price, Product URL, Image URL, Category and Manufacturer. SingleFeed publishes a guide which explains this handful of fields as well as dozens of other product feed fields in depth. Click here to access this document.

To make this process even easier, extensions have been built to allow merchants to tie their store directly to the SingleFeed platform. If your site is built upon Magento, osCommerce, MIVA Merchant, X-Cart, Volusion, Yahoo Store or Commerce V3, please take a look at the SingleFeed extensions page to better understand how to use these integrated solutions.